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Welcome to our family website!

Here you can learn more about what is new in our lives and keep in touch with both Keri and I.  You should visit this site often to look at the new pictures and interesting information posted. 

This is my home page, or the "doorway" to my site, I'll update this page of my site the most and make sure that I always add the most recent news.
Right now we are a healthy and outgoing family. Kobe plays many sports and loves them to death. You can see those in the Kobe's Sports section. Jimmy vaults right now and if you do not know what that is just go and check out his sports page. He loves vaulting and also loves to ride horses. 


What's New?

At this location on my site you will find recent additions:

4/6/13: Jimmy had his vaulting competition and we will be adding pictures of him at the competition.

4/6/13   Kobe had a soccer game and won 5-0

4/13/13 Kobe had a soccer game and won 4-0

 Check back here often for the most recent news!



We hope to keep in touch with you as we post the newest pictures.

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